Ever since I was a kid I always want to tell a story.

My dad would always tell us his life growing up in the Philippines.

His stories; his adventures made me realize that I wanted my own tale.


But I had no idea how to tell it.


Then I was introduced to visual art.

It showed me that art is not just about a pretty scenery or vibrant colors.

Art is about capturing timeless moments.


I use photography and videography to date my experiences.

And travel is the spark that inspires me to create.


Travel photography and videography is the voice that tells my story.

I believe that an image is what dates the moment.

And a clip is what captures the experience.

And being at the destination is the adventure.


Let me help you to your next adventure.


I am Migz Perez.

An Art Director living in New York.

Living a spontaneous travel lifestyle.

Telling my story one frame at a time.


Who Are You? 2012 Winner
Arts University College Bournemouth

Bournemouth, United Kingdom - 2012

One Club Creative Bootcamp
Third Place

Chicago, Illinois - 2014

Young Globals Award

New York - 2015

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T- 765-490-9559

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