Tis' a dream incarnate: Yellowstone National Park

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

“Kaching!”, paycheck in, rent fee out. I am more than halfway to my goal of traveling the world and the only thing keeping me from going is distance and that there’s only two days in a weekend for me to do a trip. I’ve been searching for my travel preference ever since I started going to different places practically every week. There’s city discoveries, touristy places, and hiking so what better way to discover my preference by trying them out. I booked a flight to Leh, India to explore the Himalayas and try to hike the mountains for two weeks. But Covid-19 hit and my plan along with thousands of other wanderlusts shattered. I thought I was going to be stuck in my parents’ house in the middle of the woods in Indiana with little to no internet available to substitute my wanderlust with google maps.

As a restless person, I know that there’s a loophole to this crazy pandemic. So I decided to quarantine with my sister in the colorful state of Colorado. At least in Colorado I could drive around and see something different than fields of growing corn. Then two months later, I decided to do a week long trip to Yellowstone while avoiding crowds. I transformed my car into a camper for a week in hopes to survive without proper utilities and feeding on instant food and pre-made sandwiches stored in a ‘semi-cool’ cooler with one goal. To archive a Bison in my Pokedex-Camera.

Having the freedom to choose a spot for me to sleep is unreal. Imagine waking up every morning in front of the most beautiful scenery of Yellowstone. Feeling refreshed and spending every day as a mystery.

I’ve encountered many mystical beast that this little boy from the Philippines only see on TV.

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