Updated: Dec 9, 2020

As a newly graduated student of class of 2017, getting a job right after college is any fresh graduate’s dream, especially coming from an arts school. I took a freelance job in New Jersey as a studio artist, it was the biggest step in the beginning of my career. I was staying at my godparents’ house. Even though it was two hours away from my job but it saved me a lot of money to give me a great head start when I do get hired full-time. Back in 2017, I was not the best money saver in the world, I would live paycheck-to-paycheck since I didn’t have to pay for rent and food because of my godparents’ hospitality. But then I had a chat with one of closest co-worker and now best friend about finance. He gave me tips on healthy spending and that these mini purchases I did are short-term happiness that will quickly dissipate. Then he told me to save my money for bigger and impactful things and I asked him “what are you saving for?”. He replied, for the future and easier retirement. One day, as I stare at my cursor I thought to myself, “what will I be saving for?” If I was given one hundred million dollars what will I spend it on? Weeks passed and I thought to myself, is this what I really want to do? Saving for retirement? Sitting on this chair every weekday for hopes to get promoted and make more money? I didn’t want to get stuck with uncertainty and compulsive lust for questioning my future. I want to go. So I went on google and typed, places to visit 100+ miles away. Niagara Falls. I decided that Wednesday that I will drive up to Niagara Falls for the weekend. As a person who works a nine to five job, free time becomes scarce. I wanted to prove that travel adventures can be done even in a short time and it’s a great introduction to the start of my journey.  After work on Friday, my co-worker and I drove up to Niagara Falls, it took us four hours to hit our wall and we slept at a service area in my car which is not at all spacious. I woke up with a text saying that one of my friend heard about my trip and wanted to tag along. Lucky for her she lives a few towns away from Niagara Falls, so we picked her up and continued our spontaneous trip with three. 


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